An Invitation to Pause, and Rethink Life.

We spend many years educating ourselves for a career. What about investing time to learn to be a better spouse or parent for our family? Our greatest desire is to see families in Malaysia thrive. Here, you will find real stories, engaging workshops, and a humble little community to grow with.


Strengthening your relationship as husband and wife

Managing External Temptations: A Conversation on Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

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Infidelity doesn't happen overnight and even a happy marriage can be at risk. What personal warning signs can each spouse be aware of, to know if they are too close…

Cultivating Active Listening Skills: An Oasis Virtual Session with Grace Tan

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Listening, as a learned skill, means that we are fully present with the person we are engaging with. It means that we need to be fully listening without judgement. In…

Expressing Your Sexual Preferences: A Conversation on Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

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Donald and Veronica are friends of ours who have been married for 24 years. Both hold professions in various coaching roles, Donald as a Leadership Coach and Veronica as an…

Fighting Well, Forgiving Well

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I recently had an explosive fight with my husband. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it never feels good. I end up saying the most ridiculous things sometimes.…


Raising children of character

Talking to your young kids about sex

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So we finally had that conversation with our young kids about sex. It wasn't a conversation that just happened in a day. I know many parents dread broaching this topic…

How to Get Work Done From Home with Young Kids

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Revisiting this as we go through our third MCO in Malaysia: It was Day 1 of the Movement Control Order implemented by the Malaysian government to combat Covid-19. Only one…

Managing Your Child’s Anger

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It was simmering, and then out of nowhere, an eruption explodes. You didn't expect how fierce your sweet child could be. Screaming, biting, shouting hurtful words... it hits you like…

Anger: An Indication of Other Emotions in Parenting

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Motherhood unleashed within me raw and powerful emotions that frightened me. I never knew I could feel such rage come from within me, emotions that I couldn't control. I have…