Strong Marriages, Purposeful Parenting

An Invitation to Pause, and Rethink Life.

We spend many years educating ourselves for a career. What about investing time to learn to be a better spouse or parent for our family? Our greatest desire is to see families in Malaysia thrive. Here, you will find real stories, engaging workshops, and a humble little community to grow with.


Strengthening your relationship as husband and wife

How to ‘Really’ Say Sorry

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It's the 8th or 10th time he's repeated a request, and just like clockwork, I forget yet again. I look at him blankly in the eye and say, "Did you…

Learning to Forgive: Small Steps, New Habits

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As I was digging up articles on the topic of forgiveness for this month, I found myself reflecting on my own journey of learning to forgive. The early dating years…


Raising children of character

Managing The Mental Load, by Kristy Tan

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There’s a reason why we’re so exhausted. While physically we aren’t running marathons, mentally, we’re juggling more than we can handle. We’ve been waiting a long time, my husband says…

Praise vs Encouragement

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A 4-year old child walks up to his mother and shows her a piece of paper with lots of giant squiggles on it. His mother looks at the paper and…