An Invitation to Pause, and Rethink Life.

We spend many years educating ourselves for a career. What about investing time to learn to be a better spouse or parent for our family? Our greatest desire is to see families in Malaysia thrive. Here, you will find real stories, engaging workshops, and a humble little community to grow with.


Strengthening your relationship as husband and wife

Building Deep Connections

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How well do you truly know your spouse? While you were dating, it was easy to dig deep and ask questions that revealed the nature of your partner. At this…

Conflict patterns that tear a relationship apart

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When I was a young girl in my 20s, I heard a couple tell me, "We never fight." I just couldn't believe my ears. Does such a couple even exist?…

5 Things You May Not Realise When You’re Getting Married, by Sarah

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Flip through any wedding guestbook and you’ll likely see a pattern of congratulatory messages for “scoring a good one” or for “making it in life” - almost like the whole…

Learn the habit of happiness, by Luisa

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Can Two People Really Live Happily Ever After? It is known that weddings can be fun but staying happily married can be a lot of hard work. It’s really endearing…


Raising children of character

Pornography & Gaming Addictions: Addressing Issues With Your Children, by Joy

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It's tough being a parent; we all want the best for our kids, and with constant pressure from others and society, adolescent years are hard to navigate. One of the…

Working Through Mom Guilt, by Chayenne Tan

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I still remember the first day I went back to work after my maternity leave eleven years ago. I had mixed feelings of excitement and trepidation but mostly guilt for…

Being A Full-Time Corporate Woman and Mom: 5 Things I’ve Learned, by Chayenne Tan

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As a working mom holding a demanding corporate job, I find myself in this never-ending parental paradox as Anna Whitehouse, Founder of Mother Pukka expressed so well here: “I miss…

Smashing it as a stay at home dad, by Jon Koo

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My name is Jon and I’m a stay-at-home dad. House-husband. Full-time father. I’m 40 this year and this decision has been one of the best I’ve ever made for me…