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An Invitation to Pause, and Rethink Life.

We spend many years educating ourselves for a career. What about investing time to learn to be a better spouse or parent for our family? Our greatest desire is to see families in Malaysia thrive. Here, you will find real stories, engaging workshops, and a humble little community to grow with.


Strengthening your relationship as husband and wife

Choosing to speak kindly

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Love is a choice. When we married our spouse, we knew that we were marrying an imperfect person, yet we chose to love him or her. Despite his or her…

How kindness looks like in marriage

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When Alex and I were dating, he used to open the car door for me when he picked me up for a meal. It was really sweet, but that act…

How to ‘Really’ Say Sorry

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It's the 8th or 10th time he's repeated a request, and just like clockwork, I forget yet again. I look at him blankly in the eye and say, "Did you…

Learning to Forgive: Small Steps, New Habits

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As I was digging up articles on the topic of forgiveness for this month, I found myself reflecting on my own journey of learning to forgive. The early dating years…


Raising children of character

It Only Takes 15 Minutes To Love

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We can't say it enough. Family time is so important. It's easy to take the presence of our parents, siblings, spouse, and even kids for granted sometimes because "they're always…

5 More Children’s Books That Encourage Good Mental Health

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A few weeks ago, we did the first compilation of children's books that encourage good mental health. This is Part 2 because, there are more! 🙂 As we mentioned before,…

Managing The Mental Load, by Kristy Tan

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There’s a reason why we’re so exhausted. While physically we aren’t running marathons, mentally, we’re juggling more than we can handle. We’ve been waiting a long time, my husband says…

Praise vs Encouragement

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A 4-year old child walks up to his mother and shows her a piece of paper with lots of giant squiggles on it. His mother looks at the paper and…