The idea for Comma: Rethink Life was born in 2016. For many years, I photographed couples getting married through my brand Stories.my. While many couples prepared months ahead for their wedding, most spent little time preparing for the marriage relationship. Through the years, some of the couples I photographed had their marriages end up in divorce. It saddens me when I see marriages break up and families torn apart due to conflict and irreconcilable differences. We spend many years educating ourselves in our career, but most of us do not invest time in educating ourselves on how to be a better spouse or parent.

Through my own journey as a wife and parent, I have struggled too. While there is no perfect way to be a spouse or parent, I wanted to start conversations with other people about their journeys, regardless of whatever background they come from. I also hope to share nuggets of wisdom from the books or courses that I have learned from. Marriage and parenting is not an easy journey but it can be rewarding and beautiful.

I now wear many hats not only as an entrepreneur (Stories for Business / Stories.my), photographer, a leader in my church, but as a wife and mother to two active young children. I am currently pursuing a coaching certification so that I can be better tooled to assist families reach their family goals.

With a vision to provide support for strong marriages to thrive and to encourage purposeful parenting among families in Malaysia, Comma: Rethink Life organises regular workshops and gatherings aimed at building this community of support and growth.
I hope that the content you find on Comma: Rethink Life will challenge you to pause, reflect and rethink marriage, parenting and your life in general.


Founder of Comma: Rethink Life

Our Values

  • We believe that a strong marriage is the foundation of a solid family and healthy children are nurtured from this foundation.
  • We value reflection, self-awareness, and becoming better versions of ourselves.
  • We believe in respecting individuals – partners and parents with their children – and respecting cultural backgrounds.
  • We are authentic about our struggles and seasons of life.
  • We believe in having a growth mindset to move forward and make necessary changes in our lives.


Contributing Team

Serena In

Serena is a trained clinical psychologist with a decade of service in providing assessment and intervention for individuals, couples and families with various challenges such as depression disorders, anxiety disorders, stress, time management, motivation, relationship and marital issues, postpartum difficulties, parenting struggles, chronic illness, grief and life transitions.

She has a passion for preventive education so that more people would have access to tools that help them have a meaningful life, in every season, wherever they are at. She believes in strengthening relationships, marriages and families to help people thrive in life and it starts by having supportive, nonjudgmental conversations with one another about doing real life.

Together with her husband, she is also a busy parent of two school-aged children. When she can catch moments in between, she loves reading, and savouring all things coffee and chocolate!

Sarah Lim

Sarah is a content writer who has a background in marketing communications and sociology. She has always been fascinated with the potential of using media as a platform to inspire people towards a greater cause.

Through the years of being a creative communicator at work, a friend, sister, daughter, and now a wife, she soon realised that sometimes all people really need is the support of others and good conversations, to process personal growth. She hopes that this platform will provide just that, helping us all take small steps towards building kind, resilient, and genuine families.

She and her husband enjoy travelling, spending time outdoors, and finding new ways to expand their creativity through dance, music, and various crafts.