The idea for Comma: Rethink Life was born in 2016. It saddens me when I see marriages break up and families torn apart due to conflict and irreconcilable differences. We spend many years educating ourselves in our career, but most of us do not invest time in educating ourselves on how to be a better spouse or parent.

Through my own journey as a wife and parent, I have struggled too. While there is no perfect way to be a spouse or parent, I wanted to start conversations with other people about their journeys, regardless of whatever background they come from. I also hope to share nuggets of wisdom from the books or courses that I have learned from.

I now wear many hats not only as an entrepreneur (Integricity Visuals / Stories.my), photographer, a leader in my church, but as a wife and mother to two active young children. I hope that the content you find on Comma will challenge you to pause, reflect and rethink marriage, parenting and your life in general.

Love, Grace

When I first heard about Comma: Rethink Life, I knew I had to get on board. So much of what is happening in our world is the result of what first happens to individuals who set these things into motion – and it starts in the home.

During my time as a sociology student, I had hoped to find solutions to many social issues that are prevalent even till today. However, through the years of being a creative communicator at work, a friend, sister, daughter, and now a wife, I soon realised that sometimes all people really need in order to be the best version of themselves is the support of others and good conversations to process personal growth.

Whether you’re a parent or just navigating this adventure called “marriage” like me, I believe that together through these conversations, we can take small steps towards raising or becoming kind, resilient, and genuine people that our families and this world needs.

Love, Sarah