I have a hobby, which requires some patience, lots of trial and error and also tender loving care. It’s caring for succulents. I love how hardy they seem, yet at the same time, very fragile. You have to have the right balance between water and sunlight for it to thrive. Unfortunately for me, some of my succulents have died under my care. After I made some mistakes, I just think, it’s ok, I can buy another succulent… let’s try again! 

Raising a child, on the other hand, seems to be really tough in my opinion. I can’t ‘try again‘ as it takes years before you start to see the fruit of your labour. As much as I hate the idea of trial and error, I feel that I lack the parenting skills that I need to bring my child up in this challenging world. I went to university for 3 years to earn a Film and Television degree so that I can be skilled when I graduate. But I’ve only ever attended 2 parenting courses ever in my entire life… I think it amounted to a grand total of 24-30 hours of learning. Add to that some books, and it doesn’t even add up to 50 hours of learning.

So I try to parent my child the best way I know how, which is not ideal. This is a journey I am on. I don’t have all the answers as I too, am discovering things as I grow. But one thing I know… whenever I lack wisdom, I need to ask God for it. Parents, let’s journey together and encourage each other through life. You have wisdom that others might lack. Let’s be this safety net for each other and for our children so that we never have to say… “It’s too late to try again…

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