It’s World Autism Day! Under our corporate video arm, we have been working together with Early Autism Project (EAP) over the past 1 year in creating videos of their events. In March, they had their EAP public workshop on the topic of ‘Managing Aggressive and Self-Injurious Behaviours in Children with Autism’. This workshop was presented by Kerry Hoops, Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) and Clinic Director for Wisconsin Early Autism Project Green Bay.

During the workshop, Kerry presented on the importance of identifying the functions of challenging behaviours by utilising a functional behaviour assessment. Some of the common functions of challenging behaviours included: getting attention, getting something tangible (e.g. food, toys), getting a desirable sensory input, as well as escaping a work, task or aversive situation.

We’ve cut a really short snippet from the session, which we hope will be a useful tip for those managing children with autism. If you are interested in more workshops like these, please visit EAP’s website and follow them on their social media pages.


Video crew & post-production: Chi Yin & Abel
Content from Early Autism Project Malaysia

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