Resillience. In a world full of opportunities and uncertainty, of rapid technological advancements and its uncharted social implications, having resillience is the key to thriving in chaos. How can we give our children this gift of thriving (not just surviving) and building their resillience in safe and loving environment?

Here are three of our favourite tips from Dr Laura Markham, author of “Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids”:

1. Coach more, control less

This means doing things with them, not for them. Allow them to have the joy of feeling competent. This builds long-term confidence, and confidence is the key to getting up again after falling. Sometimes that means letting go of our own anxiety and need for control.

2. Remember perfection isn’t the goal

Remembering this helps us get better at point no. 1. Resist the temptation to “improve” your child’s artwork, toy arrangement, or choice of clothing (up till a certain age maybe!). This helped them learn to prioritise and move beyond the roadblock of trying to get things perfect on the first try.

3. Focus on effort, less on results

“What about speech and grammar?” you ask after reading point no. 2. It’s true that learning the right habits should start early, but in all things – praise the effort and maybe instead of saying “you can do better”, perhaps you could say, “you did better than before!”

Have you tried any of these methods before? What are some things you’ve been doing to build resilience in your children? Do share below in the comments so we learn from each other too! Read the full article at

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