We currently live in a time of uncertainty, fears and anxiety. The world is at a standstill with all hearts disheartened at what is happening with the Covid-19 pandemic. Everything you read online seems to be filled with more bad news. The world seems to be heading towards a global recession. Even if we are not physically sick with the virus, we are definitely affected emotionally. You might be worried about your family and how you can keep everyone safe. Or you might be concerned about your finances if your job security is threatened.

Our daily thoughts can bring us to a bleak future, but in reality, the suffering you face is only as real as how you feel right now. Most of us end up worrying about things that never really materialise. This doesn’t mean that we act foolishly without any care in the world, but what I am saying is that we can only control the present moment with our thoughts. So then, how can we train our mind to choose our thoughts?

When you become aware that you can choose what you dwell your thoughts on, ask yourself these questions:

  • What would I prefer to think about instead?
  • What is right about this moment? (especially being stuck at home in our current state of ‘house arrest’)
  • What is beautiful?
  • What do I appreciate?
  • Is there another way to look at this situation that I feel better about?

As for me, I am appreciative that we have technology to bring people together, even though we are physically apart. This same technology enables me to work remotely. I am thankful that we even have home delivery services available to us. Even though having my kids around 24 hours a day can be taxing, I am thankful that I have so much time together with them now. Despite the arguments I have with my husband, I am also grateful that we can work it out and we have opportunities for dedicated time together.

What are you appreciative of today, this very moment?