We can’t say it enough. Family time is so important.

It’s easy to take the presence of our parents, siblings, spouse, and even kids for granted sometimes because “they’re always there”. But families could be living under the same roof for years, and without effort and time put into the relationship, its possible for everyone to start drifting apart. We spend more time on our individual busy schedules and the Internet than with the people next to us. Before you know it, your kids are all grown up and you hardly know who they’ve become or maybe your spouse starts to feel more distant, just someone you share a house and bed with.

Over 6 in 10 Malaysians are unable to have enough family time and Kuala Lumpur ranks 4th lowest among 40 major cities in the world in terms of work-life balance.

What if we used just 15 minutes of our time a day, with family?

Focus On The Family Malaysia recently launched the #15minutestolove challenge. It’s a campaign to encourage families to recognise that even though our schedules are full and life’s daily responsibilities are there, there are still pockets of time and opportunity for family in between. It is up to us to choose to be really present with our family during these moments. And when you add it all up, the little moments amount to a lot! Meaningful conversations over breakfast, interaction throughout the day in between house chores, and even just a 15-minute game or story time with your kids before bed. These are the small and simple daily moments that can matter the most and strengthen your relationship as a family.

Grace and the team at Stories for Business worked on the launch video for the campaign. Watch the video and find out more about the #15minutestolove challenge with your family at 15minutestolove.my!