What causes mental health issues for kids? How can we identify when something is not right? How can parents create a safe environment for good mental health for kids?

At our recent FB Live Session, Grace and Ashwini had a really good in-depth chat about all this and more. As a child psychologist who has worked with children from all walks of life during her time at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Ashwini helped us understand this issue better. She also gave practical tips to help parents know how to ensure their child grows in an environment that encourages good mental health.

We talked about:

  • What age can children first start to experience mental health issues and what factors might cause it.
  • Understanding how child sexual abuse is one common cause of mental health issues in children and how to protect them.
  • Indicators that a child might be experiencing mental health issues.
  • Understanding why children feel afraid to speak up when something is not right and teaching them to speak up when needed.
  • How parents can strike a balance between teaching kids to have a spirit of excellence without putting unnecessary pressure on them.
  • Ways for parents to better manage their own emotions in the family so their kids have a healthy and safe family environment to grow in.

Watch the video below for the full conversation.

Ashwini is very passionate about advocating good mental health for children in Malaysia and beyond. If you’d like to learn more about mental health for children, get in touch with Ashwini and follow her on Instagram at @ab.childpsychologist.