In my short 8 years as a mother, I have realised a few perspective shifts that have made this parenting journey more joyful. These mindset shifts have transformed the way I look at situations, especially challenging ones.

1. Our children are only young once.
In a blink of an eye, I shifted from changing diapers, chasing after a crawling baby to playing with dolls and now, having adult conversations about Covid-19 and vaccines. It sounds super cliche, but time really does past way too fast. If you are frustrated because you don’t know how to handle those persistent cries, how to get them to eat faster or get them to play independently… just remember to not wish away seasons too quickly. So, hug your child a little longer and linger a little more.

2. Create memories, not programs
My children do not need more toys, programs or extra-curicular activities to fill their time, they need my presence. Play that is unstructured, sometimes a little zany, maybe a little spontaneous can be really fun and set the stage for beautiful memories. Last week, my kids really wanted to go to a hotel for a holiday, and since we couldn’t do it because we were in lockdown, we set up a tent in our playroom and spent the night there!

3. Look at challenges as opportunity for growth
When times are tough, and you face a brick wall with regards to handling your children, remember this fact… that challenges are always an opportunity for growth… for yourself. There was a time I struggled with anger whenever my son pushed the wrong buttons. I got really upset, not just at the situation, but at how I lost control of my own emotions. It took me 2 years to learn how to manage my own anger and now, I can safely say that I have grown as a person.

What are some of the perspective shifts that you have been made aware of, now that you are a parent?