“I think when you say your vows on your wedding day, you really have no idea what you really mean. Because you say them from a place of being in love, it’s romantic and so exciting. Then you get married and realise, okay, these are really serious vows and its a commitment for life, regardless of the ups and downs, the painful moments of life, and also the weaknesses of each other… ” – Jochebed Isaacs

“Marriage doesn’t forewarn you about the kind of things you’ll have to go through. At the beginning of it you don’t know but having worked through it, having milestones to pause, celebrate, and renew our love and affection for each other, is a good thing. It only adds to our marriage and I think we needed that…” – Shaun Isaacs

Shaun and Jochebed celebrated 10 years of marriage by renewing their vows at the very same place that they were married. This video was taken awhile ago during the simple ceremony, but the wisdom from their reflections on marriage still give us something to think about! Through the years, they learned how to:

  • Keep God central in their marriage
  • Do all things unto God
  • Have unshakeable principles
  • and to celebrate milestones