Having a background in psychology, Cindy developed an interest in understanding the Enneagram personality types for her own personal growth. She soon found that it answered many of the questions that other personality or strengths finder tests could not answer. For Cindy, Enneagram test answered many “whys” of why her past relationships had failed and what could have contributed to it. Since then, Cindy has embarked on a journey to become a certified Enneagram Personality Coach and now offers this support. Its her life’s passion to help other couples work on their self-awareness and make their differences work well together for a strong and healthy marriage.

We had a chat with her about understanding different personality types in marriage over Facebook Live recently. The conversation also covered three stages that a relationship goes through.

1. Synergy

Where couples who have different Enneagram Types, are first attracted to each other despite their differences as they recognise that they complement each other.

2. Conflict

When couples realise their differences create conflict.

3. Resolution

When couples are able to remember why they first grew to love each other and when they are able to realise that these are usually the same reasons that now create conflict, and then focusing on how to make it work together.

It’s important to know that Enneagram tests are basically like a GPS. It helps you locate where you are right now so that you know where to go next – in order to grow. And that involves adhering to the number one rule: Never use your test results to justify your own bad behaviour. 😉

Watch the video below to learn more.

The Ennegram personality test is available for free and can be taken online here. However if you really want to benefit from this knowledge and start seeing real changes in yourself and in your relationship, Cindy recommends attending a course in person with a professionally trained Enneagram Coach. The coach will act as a neutral party to help the both of you dive deeper into the results so you can understand yourself better (eg. why you react differently to certain personality types) and find ways to work towards becoming better versions of yourself, which strengthens your relationship. 

Relationship Studio also has a branch in Kuala Lumpur. However due to social distancing and travel limitations, in-person sessions are now conducted online. 


Specially for parents: 

We didn’t address how the Enneagram method can be applied in parenting, but if you would like to find out more, here are some great articles to help you get started