When Alex and I were dating, he used to open the car door for me when he picked me up for a meal. It was really sweet, but that act of kindness disappeared after we got married! I don’t resent him for not continuing with the same treatment. In fact, his thoughtfulness went beyond just opening car doors, other acts of service includes bringing my shoe to the cobbler when he notices it needs a repair or taking over childcare when he notices I need a break.

This makes me think, that kindness is more than just a thought. It is really love in action.

Kindness in action – this means that you are gentle, sensitive and tender towards your spouse. It shows that you are thinking of your spouse and then taking the initiative to do something special for him or her. A kind husband or wife will be helpful to meet the needs of the family without any grudges. When you are acting from a space of kindness, you take the first step to meet a need, even if yours has not been met yet.

Kindness in speech – If there’s a disagreement, instead of being stubborn and fighting for your rights, you stay flexible with a willingness to listen. Instead of complaining and making excuses, you look for ways to accommodate each other. Even if your spouse is in the wrong, you look for ways to communicate your thoughts in a constructive way, and not in a way that attacks the character of the person.

Ultimately, kindness is rooted in selflessness. It’s about thinking of someone else before putting your own needs first. What are ways you can demonstrate kindness to your spouse today?